For general information about the Fund:

The Jessie Ball duPont Fund Offices (map)
40 East Adams Street
Suite 300
Jacksonville, FL 32202-3302
(800) 252-3452
(904) 353-0890
(904) 353-3870 Fax

To order a publication:
Email KBT & Associates
For media inquiries, you may contact:

KBT & Associates
Mary Kress Littlepage
3331 Fitch St.
Jacksonville, FL 32205
(904) 616-0050
Email Mary Kress Littlepage


Staff Contacts

  • Sherry P. Magill, President
  • Davena P. Sawyer, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Katie Ensign, Senior Program Officer
  • Barbara Roole, Senior Program Officer
  • Chris Crothers, Senior Program Officer
  • Mark Walker, Knowledge Management and Technology Officer
  • Denys Zayets, Knowledge Management and Technology Associate
  • Sydney England, Fellow
  • Geana Potter, Grants Manager and Administrative Assistant
  • Marilyn Benjamin, Grants Database Manager and Administrative Assistant
  • Betsy Thompson, Assistant Bookkeeper, Office Assistant

Email Us

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