As Florida Medicaid Moves To Total Managed-Care, Careful Oversight Is Urged


Medicaid Managed Care in Florida: Federal Waiver Approval and ImplementationEarly next year, the State of Florida will begin moving nearly all of its Medicaid beneficiaries into managed-care plans – a move that culminates nearly a decade of experimentation with Florida’s Medicaid program.

A new issue brief released by the Jessie Ball duPont Fund and the Winter Park Health Foundation, outlines the details of the new program and analyzes what it will mean for Floridians going forward.

Researchers Joan Alker and Jack Hoadley of the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University, note that Florida’s move to risk-based managed care is far-reaching and will require careful monitoring by all stakeholder groups.

“With this increased flexibility for the State of Florida comes increased responsibility to stand up for consumers and insure that managed care companies comply with the agreement between the state the federal government,” Alker said. “It’s important to ensure that taxpayers’ limited health care dollars are being spent wisely and that consumers are aware of the protections that are in place.

The brief is the latest – and final – in a series that began in 2006, when Florida first received permission from the federal government to pilot changes in its Medicaid program.

“Floridians, whether they realize it or not, are indebted to the Georgetown research team,” said Sherry Magill, president of the Jessie ball duPont Fund. “Their tenacious and insightful reporting on the state’s evolving Medicaid program has challenged everyone to work harder to achieve changes that were meaningful to all parties, never losing sight of the beneficiaries who rely on Medicaid for essential health care services.“

This issue brief, as well as all briefs in the series, are available at as well as on the Georgetown University website at

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