A snapshot of the duPont Fund Impact Investing Program
August 2021

Impact Investment Views: % of Total Portfolio and Asset Class
Diversity Among Assets Under Management

We measure diversity in two ways:

  1. Fund managers 50%+ owned or led by women or people of color; or
  2. 50%+ of fund manager capital invested in companies majority owned and led by  women or people of color.

  • High-Impact: investments with high alignment to the Fund’s objectives that have measurable and intentional positive impact, consisting mostly of loans, bonds, and private equity assets.
  • ESG: investments aligned with the Fund’s focus areas and screened for best-in-class companies using environmental, social, and governance factors, consisting of public equities and fixed income assets.
  • Traditional: Investments intended to maximize return within risk tolerance and diversified across various classes.

Benchmark: 98.7% of U.S. invested assets are managed by majority white-male-owned firms.
Diversifying Investments: A Study of Ownership Diversity and Performance in the Asset Management Industry
The Knight Foundation

Impact Investing Themes


Highlights of High-Impact Investing: Results and Outcomes


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