The Jessie Ball duPont Fund is a private foundation that works to expand access to opportunity and create inclusive growth for the people, organizations and communities that Jessie Ball duPont knew and loved. We envision a world in which every member of those communities feels they belong, and is engaged in shaping the future of their community. We use our grantmaking, investments, research and partnerships to increase equitable access to opportunities and resources for members of society who have historically been excluded, and placemaking to build stronger communities where all voices are heard and valued.


Our grantmaking activities are guided by our two strategic areas of focus: equity and placemaking. Jessie Ball duPont, our founder, was a woman deeply engaged with place, and understood how a sense of belonging formed her own identity and path through life. We honor that legacy through our vision of creating communities of belonging.

Specifically, our grantmaking is governed by the Last Will and Testament of Jessie Ball duPont, which provides for two types of grant recipients:

  1. Those organizations that received funding from Mrs. duPont between 1960 and 1965; and 
  2. Organizations supporting the temporary relief of people in need in the states where Mrs. duPont lived - Virginia, Delaware and Florida.

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Impact Investing

As of 2020, about one-third of the Fund's endowment is invested in a socially responsible manner or invested to achieve a positive impact, such as the preservation and creation of affordable housing or small business development for women and people of color. These investment vehicles include program-related investments (PRIs) such as loans and guarantees, and mission-related investments (MRIs) such as equity investments in companies that provide social benefit.

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Convenings, Conversations and Strategic Partnerships

We take seriously the opportunity and responsibility to be an open and committed strategic partner with our grantees, our peers in philanthropy, and the communities we serve. We seek opportunities to share information and expertise—ours or our partners’—and to foster open dialogue about issues that affect people’s ability to feel a sense of belonging where they live, work, learn and play.

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