The Jessie is a LEED-certified rental office building dedicated to providing premier office and community collaboration space at below-market rates for nonprofits in downtown Jacksonville. We envision a world in which The Jessie is a major anchor in a vibrant, inclusive downtown Jacksonville community. The Jessie houses 19 Jacksonville-based nonprofit organizations, and the building offers regular programming for its tenants and the community at large. Our focus is to support a stronger, more vibrant Jacksonville.

The Jessie—and its owner, the Jessie Ball duPont Fund—is committed to:  

  1. empowering community leaders to solve tough community challenges together;
  2. facilitating partnerships that allow nonprofits to deliver more value to their clients and the community; and 
  3. providing a public asset for inclusive cultural enrichment in the heart of downtown Jacksonville. 

The Jessie exists in what was once the Haydon Burns Public Library, a mid-century modern architectural gem. It’s a prime example of the feasibility and benefits of leveraging institutional endowments to revitalize historic structures using cutting-edge green building techniques and state-of-the-art technology.

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