Nothing about this time is normal. Perhaps it’s no surprise that e-commerce has experienced a decade’s worth of growth in three months, but who amongst us would have predicted that grocery stores would experience 8 years’ worth of growth in 30 days in 2020? The social sector is not exempt. For nonprofits not only to survive, but also to double down on serving their constituents during this extraordinary time, it’s critical that they figure out how to adapt and innovate. We have to prepare for the new normal. 

To that end, we are investing in five key partnerships that provide tools and training for our grantees to build capacity, effectiveness, and resilience. These programs start in 2020, and extend into 2021 and 2022, targeting areas that we believe are critical for the future success of the social sector, including:  

  • Digital fundraising: Grantees will learn from digital media experts Lightful how to develop and execute their digital fundraising strategies. This program culminates in Q4, which comprises year-end giving was well as #GivingTuesday, the international day of giving.
  • Transparency: Candid creates transparency for donors and the social sector. A grantee profile on Candid can increase awareness among foundations and funds, reduce repetitive data entry and improve opportunities for trust-based philanthropy. Candid will work with grantees on specific actions they can take to earn transparency seals.
  • Listening to constituents: Feedback Labs will help grantees listen to their constituents and close the feedback loop with them. Continuously and thoughtfully collecting information, taking time to understand it, and getting back with the people who gifted you that data are some of the most promising ways to achieve greater impact. These are also critical skills to develop if organizations want to achieve Platinum status on Candid. 
  • Improving data equity: NCCD is a national leader in helping organizations reduce structural inequities. Using NCCD’s innovative Data for Equity(TM) framework, this program will help grantees translate their equity values into measurable outcomes. 
  • Making education more accessible and open: Complete College America has been a national advocate for increasing college completion rates and closing equity gaps at public educational institutions. CCA will extend their program to duPont Fund grantee private liberal arts institutions to lead them through evidence-based approaches to build or enhance systems that support first-generation and low-income students. 

In the coming months, we’ll continue engaging on these topics and sharing insights from our partnerships. We expect this work to create lasting, generative habits that help our grantees further move the needle of support and impact in their communities. 

Written by
Mari Kuraishi