Jaxsons joined Groundwork Jacksonville for a first-hand view of the riverfront and a group visioning exercise

We've heard from thousands of Jaxsons across the city throughout our public input process, and they've told us they want a fun and functional waterfront with high-quality design, parks and open space, a variety of food options, and ways to connect to nature and learn together.

What we heard: 

  • Jaxsons believe new development should follow parks and green spaces.
  • Jaxsons want a Riverfront that is welcoming and safe for all, independent of socioeconomic status or background.
  • Jaxsons miss places for the community to come together.
  • Jaxsons want to be able to visit the riverfront at all times of day, and feel safe going alone and with friends and family. 59% of survey respondents are most likely to visit the riverfront in the evening.
  • Jaxsons care about riverfront resilience. You want less concrete on the riverfront and softening of the water's edge to protect against storm surges. "It is critical to address climate change, flooding, and ecological protection. Everything should be built back from the river and include green space between the river and built amenities." Community member

Explore our Public Input Summary to read about Jaxsons' other priorities, see the data and hear from your friends and neighbors in their own words.

This is one of several research releases from this project.

Find out more in our Economic Impact Study and Benchmarking Report. Explore the final Activation Plan released in August 2022.

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Written by
Melanie Cost Young