Building Organizational Capacity

7780000935-R1-E006-374x300The Jessie Ball duPont Fund knows that funders can only be as effective as the organizations that they fund. It is in our best interest to help our community-based nonprofits, educational and religious institutions be smart, financially healthy and positioned for long-term success.

The Jessie Ball duPont Fund helps its grantees build and sustain their capacity in multiple ways:

Competitive Grants: The Fund helps grantees with strategic planning, financial development, organizational development, succession planning, professional development or facilities management, among other things.

Energy Conservation Grants: The Fund provides information, resources and funding to support energy conservation activities for those organizations with physical plants to help them reduce energy consumption, reduce their carbon footprint and reduce costs. To learn more about the Fund’s work around Energy Conservation, see Saving Energy, Saving Money & Growing for the Future.

Small Grants: The Fund offers three small grants programs to support various organizational needs:

    • Feasibility: The Fund offers grants of $5,000 or less to help organizations ask and answer fundamental questions or explore an idea before undertaking new endeavors.
    • Technical Assistance: Grants of $5,000 or less to hire consultants or experts to improve organizational operations and effectiveness.
    • Small But Great: Grants of $5,000 or less to enable an organization to take advantage of a unique opportunity or implement or pilot and idea that addresses a community problems or meets a mission-related need.