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Lili Weinstein is the Data Analyst & Technology Officer at the Jessie Ball duPont Fund, responsible for the Fund's gathering, analysis and use of data as a tool to advance and achieve its equity goals. Lili is passionate about data equity and using data to help drive solutions to issues of social good.

Prior to joining the Fund in 2020, Lili worked as a data science intern for the Johnson & Johnson Application Support team. She was part of the data engineering effort to centralize data sources and use them to improve the reliability of the team's more than 300 websites. In 2019, Lili participated in the Facebook Data Challenge, a highly competitive, case-based contest for college students interested in pursuing a career in data analytics. Lili and a team of fellow university students worked with a Facebook Data Engineer to analyze data about the City of San Francisco to understand the business landscape and recommend what and where new businesses could open successfully.

Lili holds a bachelor's degree in Information Science with a minor in Statistics from the University of North Florida. She is skilled in several programming languages, as well as in data analytics software solutions. She is an accomplished photographer who worked as Photo Editor for the UNF Spinnaker student newspaper, earning recognition as Runner-up for Best News Photo from the Society of Professional Journalists in 2017 and Runner-up for Best Photographer in the South from the Green Eyeshade Awards in 2018.

When Lili is not sifting through Excel spreadsheets, she can be found annoying her senior cat and gaming (video and tabletop) with her friends. She is a lover of all things Tableau and serves as a Notary Public.