Study of Jacksonville Housing Could Aid Development Plans













The Jessie Ball duPont Fund in partnership with The Reinvestment Fund of Philadelphia has released a detailed analysis of housing in Duval County and Jacksonville to help community stakeholders, policymakers and investors better understand the housing needs of the community.

The Jacksonville BLOCK by BLOCK report provides a detailed portrait of housing in Duval County — where strong markets are, where weak markets are, and where markets with potential to go up or down are located.

“We are giving this study to the City of Jacksonville,” said Sherry Magill, president of the Jessie Ball duPont Fund, “because we think decisions should be grounded in good data. Other communities have used studies exactly like this one to guide everything from distribution of community development dollars to management of vacant and abandoned property and downtown revitalization. We hope Jacksonville will also put this research to good use.”

The report is based upon a Market Value Analysis conducted by The Reinvestment Fund (TRF)earlier this year. TRF has conducted similar studies in two dozen other U.S. communities — from Detroit to New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Baltimore. A copy of the Jacksonville report can be found below.


The Jacksonville report comes at an opportune moment for Jacksonville, which has a newly-elected mayor, a majority of newly-elected City Council representatives, a newly-formed Office of Blight Initiatives, and gathering momentum around downtown and neighborhood redevelopment.

In other communities where TRF has worked, the Market Value Analysis has been used to guide allocation of federal community development funds, improve code enforcement, guide housing investments by public and private investors and to inform community investments by financial institutions.